Greetings with Peace!

Praise of Plants acknowledges that the lands we inhabit, work in, and travel to are the beloved homelands of peoples too often displaced from their ancestral heritage. We are dedicating ourselves to recognizing, learning from, reconciling, and working with the world’s indigenous cultures to help preserve and share their knowledge of the natural world in self-determined and culturally appropriate ways. As a society part, we are addressing how we need to decolonize our internal practices to ensure our space is inclusive, diverse, and equitable.

Our Observers interlink volumes of molecular biology with plant physiology and the behavior of individual organisms, right up to the system analysis of whole plant communities and ecosystems. Plants have a robust signaling apparatus with both chemical and physical communication pathways. Microbial communities in the environment have long been examined, thus the scientific movement follows the increasing interest in microbiomes from humans, animals, and plants. 

We have the innate potential to create a world that is harmonious, regenerative, and supports the well-being of all Life. As a young species, we are fortunate enough to have guidance to help us rise to this challenge. Our planet-mates, the fantastic meshwork of plants, animals, and microbes, have done billions of years of research and development. The time is now to collaborate globally to design this world for the future of all species. It begins by Asking Nature.

Be A Tree

  • (Re)Connect | The increasing awareness that humans, individually and as a species, are part of nature, not separate from it, through a deepening connection that honors the reciprocal relationship between all living beings.
  • Emulate | The scientific, research-based practice of learning from and then replicating nature’s forms, processes, and ecosystems to create more regenerative designs.
  • Ethos | The realization that humans have a responsibility to conserve and protect that which they are learning from, as well as abiding by the planetary boundaries and principles for all nature-inspired innovation.

Planetary Neighborhood

We exist to encourage everyone here, everywhere to have a direct experience with nature that is founded on respect and curiosity. We have designed to provide guidance to students, educators, engineers, scientists, designers, artists, naturalists, and those from yet to be defined disciplines. Our hope is that this is a homecoming for anyone on a journey to make the future better for an entire society.

“Roots grow and reach deeper into the earth. Feel the tips of your branches growing. Feel your trunk getting wider. Feel the sun and its power. You are alive and active and the rest of the forest has returned to life too. Feel a robin nesting on your branch. Hear a red squirrel chatter up your bark. Wildflowers push up from the soil near your trunk. Deer rest under your shade. You are part of the whole forest. Feel what you share together in the forest.”

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